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Hey Hot Dog, next time let’s rip off a Ferrari, this heap’s got no class.

Demons (1985)

I saw Demons 2 before I saw the first – I was seventeen and I loathed it. I loathed it with the power of a thousand loathes. It did have some interesting ideas (ok, just two) but the film was so faulty on every conceivable level that it didn’t matter – oh, yeah, and it made no sense at all. None. Well, I had heard that the original was a classic, insanely gory and something I NEEDED to see, so I put my misgivings aside and gave it a chance.

And it took me over a year to finish. I’d start it, get bored, turn it off, decide a few months later to give it another try, I’d get bored again… but I would make it a little further each time… so I finally did see the whole thing. And let me tell you I DID NOT NEED to. I really don’t understand how this is considered a classic by some. It is so un-scary, so foolish – was it supposed to be a comedy? Was anyone really frightened by it? I didn’t think there was an over abundance of gore personally. Maybe if I had been drinking and watching this with a group of my most sarcastic friend it would have been a memorable experience – but the movie still would have sucked. I love Dario Argento, but the films made by his underlings I think are tedious and baffling.

The “story” is so insubstantial that it isn’t even worth synopsising. This film seems only to exist to showcase the so-called gross-out effects and is only a people-trapped-crazy-shit-happening-SLAUGHTER-SLAUGHTER rehash. Is there supposed to be some kind of built-in commentary becomes it takes place in a movie theater and what happens on screen seems to cause all the bedlam and carnage? I really don’t know what this movie was trying to do. What was the mask? Who is the man that shows up at the end wearing it? Who was the guy who was wearing it at the beginning? Who made the film? Did they know what it was capable of? Did they make it for this reason? Was this group specially selected or were they just the unlucky who happened to get free passes and show up? What did anyone achieve by all of this?

The acting and script are atrocious, and the movie isn’t even worth seeing for the effects, because as I’ve indicated, they seemed rather lackluster and cheap. That all being said, I did sort of like the ending, which true to form, makes no sense. And I did try to like it – it certainly has its own unique vibe going for it and there really isn’t anything else like it out there, regardless of the numerous “influences” it cribs from. I would love if someone could explain to me why this is considered worthy of classic status. I have admitted I had a very difficult time getting through it, so maybe some of the answers to my questions were revealed and I just missed them, but I am sure not going to watch it again to find out. D


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