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Mirrors 2 (2010)

Our story centers on Max Matheson (Nick Stahl) who is recovering from a devastating car accident in which he lost his fiance and was pretty banged up himself. He was was driving and so blames himself – he swerved to avoid an oncoming car and crashed into a telephone pole.

His father, Jack Matheson (William Katt) calls him up and asks for his help. Daddy-Katt is opening a department store called The Mayflower, and the night watchman that was hired went a little crazy and cut himself up. So now Daddy-Katt needs someone to mind the place for him. Max agrees, but doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about it.

Daddy-Katt say whaaat?

Well, his first day on the job Max has a vision of a sinister up-to-no-good looking girl with white ghosty eyes in a mirror at the store. He immediately tells his therapist. His therapist thinks this is all a reassuring sign, and says not to worry about these hallucinations because it means he is getting his life back in order and finally dealing with his guilt and the effects of his fiance’s death. OK? So hallucinations are a good thing? She also asks Max if he is taking the pills she prescribed. He says he took one. She says: Just one? Max says: Yeah, I wanted to take more but I didn’t. Therapist: Very good. What the hell? Who is this therapist? Why is she giving him pills she doesn’t want him to take? She goes on to talk about Max’s history of abusing alcohol and drugs and how he is now sober. Was she testing him to see if he’d start popping the pills like candy? Did she prescribe him the pills before she knew his full history? This whole scene kind of blew my mind, but maybe psychiatry has changed a lot and no one told me. Ugh, how much movie is left?  Oh, Christ, I’m not even twenty minutes in yet.

So Max is back at his job, and what a fibber, he is taking the pills. And now he has a vision of one of the store employees that he met his first day. She is in the mirror and she is naked. Oh, look, boobies. And boy do they look fake. But the vision turns from soft core to headgore. And damn, these effects are horrible.

Some detectives arrive at the house of the naked and now dead employee and they’re pretty clever. Detective # 1: How do you think this happened? Detective # 2: I don’t know, it looks more like just a terrible accident. But maybe someone killed her. These are like the cops from Mulholland Drive only here it is supposed to be serious.

Max has more visions, and this time he acts on them and like an idiot who wants to be implicated and go to jail, runs to the intended victim’s apartment. Where the police already are because the guy is already dead and of course they notice Max and think “Hmmmm… a person of interest.” Because they don’t say “suspect” anymore. These cops are stupid, but I don’t think that they’re stupid enough to believe that he showed up because he saw a mirror death.

So this film is set up as if Max is going to fall off the wagon, and everyone will start doubting his sanity. But he doesn’t tell anyone. It also seems that the police are going to target him and it will be all The Wrong Man but that doesn’t happen either.

What does happen is he asks the mirrors what they want, and his reflection guides him by the beam of its flashlight to the poster of a missing girl who used to work at The Mayflower and disappeared two months ago. Her older sister has been searching for her and putting fliers all over town asking anyone with information to contact her. So Max does. Maybe her sister is the girl he keeps seeing in the mirrors! Ah, it is all falling into place now!

This is your typical someone was killed in an “accident” and now wants revenge and the truth to be known story. It feels almost like this could have begun as a non-Mirrors entity but the studio wanted a sequel so they folded that element in. I did not see the original 2003 Korean film Into The Mirrors or the American remake Mirrors, so I don’t know what the story was there. The girl is tormenting those who had a hand in her death, but she also goes after Max’s father, who had nothing to do with it. Maybe to show Max that she is serious about getting resolution and if he didn’t help her she kill those he loves? I don’t know. Neither does this movie. The girl doesn’t appear to those that she torments as herself – she appears in mirrors as their reflections, and the reflections then proceed to murder themselves. Me, if I was her, I’d want these people to know I was the one coming after them for what they did to me, and I’d sure as hell show up as my own spectral self.

I like his tattoos more than I like this movie.

Most of the “thrills” are generated from oblivious characters walking around talking on the phone or waiting for an elevator with their reflections out of sync and doing super creepy things like glaring moodily.

There are a few scenes with some gnarly carnage, but these set-pieces are so poorly conceived and executed that they don’t satisfy. When I found out this was filmed in Baton Rouge (where I was born) I had a YAY! moment and that was the only YAY! moment I had about this film. C-


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  1. Karla Saragosa October 3, 2012 at 4:06 am

    You definitely put a new twist on a subject that’s been written about for years. Stunning stuff, just great! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think, thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner also.

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