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Close Encounters

Alien (1979)

Friends, I have just completed re-watching all four Alien films, so get ready for some reviewage rolling in. I have not seen and will not be including the Alien vs. Predator movies – if they don’t have Sigourney Weaver they ain’t Alien to me.

We begin, sensibly enough, with the original. So much has been written about this one, so much praise has been heaped upon it – and all rightfully so. This is a true classic that still has the power to terrify and thrill. I can’t believe how flawless this film is. Every time I watch it, I am amazed once more, awed by the ingenuity, by how well it works, how well it holds up, how well it is made. I love everything about it. For those who say this isn’t horror I say pfffft. This is as much Lovecraftian and haunted house-y as it is sci-fi. This IS horror – and it is serious horror done with sophistication and elegance. Whatever happened to that? A


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