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Vanishing Point

Vanishing on 7th Street (2010)

This movie really pissed me off. I mean REALLY.

We start off with John Leguizamo reading a book about mysterious dark matter and the lost colony of Roanoke so we know where it is all heading pretty quickly. Everyone vanishes one ordinary day (leaving their clothes behind, however) except for a select few who eventually find their way to a bar. They have to stay in the light because the darkness is evil and whispers and wants to devour them. Why? Well, this you will never find out.

It takes these fools how long to figure out that they should unplug stuff they don’t absolutely need to save power on the generator? Um, duh. There is a lot you have to overlook here if you don’t want to hate the characters, the filmmakers and eventually yourself.

It doesn’t matter how good a film like this is, it needs a strong ending it make it all work. Something that brings it all together, isn’t too ridiculous but at the same time is satisfying enough to reward the patience of the audience and their investment in the story. There is no payoff here. This is pretty much a Twilight Zone episode with no twist ending. Why don’t these folks who keep giving us this kind of subpar sci-fi just make a full length film from one of the many decent Twilight Zone scripts already in existence instead of trying to come up with a similar story on their own? It never works.

Brad Anderson once seemed such a promising director. Session 9 is one of the most frightening filmatic experiences I have ever endured. Here he is working with nothing, so really what can we expect?

The ending – if you can call it that – plays up being all hopeful and uplifting. Well, I think not. Are we being informed that the only hope for the world is for everyone on it – but for two preteens – to be wiped out? What about everyone else – all are beyond hope, beyond redemption? How inspiring is that? Rather nihilistic, I’d say.

Nothing will be brought to light (ha) here. The questions you have at the beginning of the film will be the same questions you have at the end. The script is so unoriginal it is shocking. The film takes a concept that has been done oh so many times before and adds absolutely nothing new. There are no attempts to personalize or expand upon the already way recycled “plot.” We’re expected to do all the work. Not worth it. There is no reason for this to exist. There is even less reason for you to watch it. D


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