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A day late and a dollar short.

Valentine (2001)

Jamie Blanks’ follow-up to 1998’s under appreciated Urban Legend bears all the hallmarks of the post Scream template while also harkening back to the 80s holiday themed/revenge slashers. Marley Shelton makes a likable if somewhat too wholesome final girl, Denise Richards gets her bitch on and Katherine Heigl fills in as our first act kill. There’s a segment set at an art exhibition that one could almost go so far as to say is Argento-esque. The script is threadbare to the extreme and never wastes time on anything like character development. It is disappointing how run of the mill the whole thing is, especially considering the craftiness director Blanks employed in Urban Legend with the creative and inventive kills. That being said, the cherub masked killer breaking out the bow and arrows was a nice touch, there is a pretty gnarly power drill/hot tub set piece and the threatening valentines that the victims receive are priceless. A true guilty pleasure. C


2 responses to “A day late and a dollar short.

  1. James February 16, 2011 at 11:35 am

    Guilty pleasure? Argento-esque? Follow up to Urban Legend? Cherub with bow and arrows?? Bitchy Denise Richards?? Where do I sign??!!!

    I haven’t seen this for too long. I was disappointed the first time around (as I was a huge fan of UL) and maybe wasn’t watching this one with my tongue far enough in cheek. I shall reinvestigate.

    • itallhappensinthedark February 16, 2011 at 11:55 pm

      There aren’t enough Valentine’s Day horror films in my opinion. I wasn’t super impressed the first time either – I don’t think “impressive” is really a word that could ever be applied to this one – but I did enjoy it more on my second viewing. Just don’t expect TOO much and yes, place tongue firmly in cheek. Also, I may have been reaching with the Argento-esque bit, but when I see red lighting in a horror movie that is immediately where my mind goes.

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