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See the Sea

Triangle (2009)

Christopher Smith has really matured as a writer and director – in leaps and bounds, in fact. I found his debut Creep to be far too low key and routine (although it is always nice to see Franka Potente) and Severance more humorous than actually horrific. With Triangle he really comes into his own. The film opens on what could easily be mistaken for a slice of David Lynch suburbia and the soundtrack supplies us with a lullaby from a half remembered dream. It would be almost too easy to say: Imagine David Lynch directing  a Friday the 13th film (Jason Takes Manhattan with the “Manhattan” bits removed and no hockey mask, but baghead from Part 2). Yet Triangle is so much more than that – it is not easily categorized and it is not Lynch-lite or a slasher knock-off – it is a wholly original entity in its own right. Each time I watch it I am more impressed – this isn’t one of those films that exists solely for twists and turns that will surprise the audience at the time but serve no sensible purpose to the story and can be easily debunked under the slightest scrutiny. Triangle is thoughtful, expertly constructed, precisely calibrated and mesmerizing. Melissa George does her best work to date – her performance is essential to the success of the film and could equally make or break it – she never falters, indeed she is flawless, pitch perfect and stunning. This is one of the most satisfying and rewarding films I have seen in a long, long while. B+


2 responses to “See the Sea

  1. James February 26, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    I love this film! And I love those images you’ve included in your post – some really great ones there. I’ve seen Triangle twice now and both times it surprised and thrilled me. Melissa George is wonderful in it – she should really be in more things.
    You’re so right about Christopher Smith’s work, too. He’s one director to keep an eye on. I’ve not seen his Black Death movie yet, but would check it out on the basis of his earlier work.

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