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Sleeping Beauty

Body Snatchers (1993)

Back in the day, this was the first adaptation of the Body Snatchers that I ever saw and even now it still manages to creep me out. All of the Body Snatchers films are solid efforts worth checking out, with the exception of the 2002 Nicole Kidman redo. This 90s incarnation flourishes under the assured direction of Abel Ferrara and features script input from Larry Cohen and Stuart Gordon (who was originally intended to direct this film). Body Snatchers takes all of the best elements from the previous outings and distills them into one lean, terrifying vision that hard wires directly into our age old fears – of the dark, of sleep, of losing our parents, of not fitting in, of being the new kid on the block. Undeservedly overlooked and underappreciated, the tale translates well to a present day/Military Base setting – where everyone already behaves like a pod person to begin with. Gabrielle Anwar is a fitting protagonist and the film opens with her character already referring to her father’s new wife as “the woman who replaced my mother.” Voice over narration in movies usually annoy me but I enjoyed Anwar’s sparse soliloquies. This is almost as good as the 70s remake – and Meg Tilly is truly the stuff of nightmares. B+


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