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Siren (2010)

All right, kids, I’m sending out a warning. Avoid Siren. I admit I was easily drawn in. Maxim UK gave it a five star review. Some other websites wrote about it and made it sound like it was a trip worth taking. It features Anna Skellern, who was one of the few enjoyable things about The Descent Part 2 and she fills a similar role here. She is a really good actress. I like seeing her in genre work – but she deserves better. The film supplies us with some throwaway references to Greek mythology. It features a scantily clad woman on the cover. The packaging is misleading and will guide you to your doom. Things start out semi-intriguingly enough – Anna and her boyfriend Eoin Macken attempt some role play sex in a dingy rest stop bathroom before meeting up with Anna’s old college pal Anthony Jabre. The threesome head out on a boat christened Persephone (of course) and plan to make their way to the villa of Anna’s boyfriend’s boss. They don’t quite make it and for a brief moment Siren appears to be pulling a Triangle. A distress call later a man dies aboard the boat (bleeding from his ears) and they meet a strange and seemingly traumatized vixen named Silka (Tereza Srbova) on a nearby island, where they decide to set up camp when Persephone putters out. Silka knows more than she is letting on and when the dudes start tripping out hardcore, Silka seduces Anna. None of it makes sense in any satisfactory way and there is no payoff to pull it all together and reward us for our time spent. The tune employed for “the siren song” however is quite good – a moody and menacing little number by a band called Warpaint – it is worth checking out even if this mess isn’t. Plug up your ears, cover your eyes and pass Siren by. D



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